CNP Prints for 1 and 2 colour prints

SportsCNP for some athletic garments

CNP Safety Reflective acts like a safety device. same as the "Cats eyes" the road, the safety reflective "shines" with a minimal amount of light, the same as straps on safety vests, only we can cut and print to your required shape. Photographs can't see the effect of this process, only the human eye can.

T51L Prints for photographs & colourful logos on white garments

T51D Prints for photographs & colourful logos on coloured garments

We use T51L & T51D and CNP when printing onto both light and dark coloured t-shirts and garments, depending on the customers requirements.

A combination of different print & embroidery methods can be used on garments to produce you PERFECT item.

The quality of the printed t-shirt or printed clothing is directly related to the quality of your image or photograph, so you must supply high-resolution artwork or images. Low-resolution artworks or photographs may produce blurry printed images. We recommend at least 300dpi as a resolution for full colour prints. IF YOU SUPPLY BAD QUALITY PICTURES THEY WILL PRINT BAD QUALITY.  NCP prints require vectorised graphics which enables us to create a 'Keyline" around the design so it can be cut from solid sheets of special heat transfer material.



We can suply a full range of clothing, wether it is "marked" or supplied plain, costs depend on a few things: quantity required, print method required, number of print positions, along with a few other factors. If you find a garment that suits your requirements, please contact us with as much info as possible so we can give you an accurate quotation. We can supply to clubs, teams, individuals, hen & stag parties, basically anyone! Please click on our collections below to see what sort of items we can supply.





Screenprinting is done by putting a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface. Vector artwork is taken from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and printed out on a film type paper or vellum. The screen is then exposed on a light table with the artwork under it. The light solidifies the chemicals around the design, and where the light failed to pass through, the chemical breaks down. The screen is then rinsed out and what is left is the area where the light hit.

The shirt is placed on a platen and each screen swings around over the top of the shirt. The screen is then brought down and placed on top of the shirt. A squeegee is then pulled over that screen’s ink colour which pushes the ink onto the shirt fabric. That screen is then lifted, carefully off of the shirt (if the shirt moves or is stretched, the next colour will be out of registration). The platen with the shirt is then moved under a flash unit where it dries. Upon curing, the shirt platen is brought back and the next colour screen is swung over the top of it.

When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. Likewise a separate screen is required for each colour, and hence, screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required.

Screening is used for larger orders of clothing with a 1, 2 or 3 colour spot colour print, and is a more economical way of producing bulk orders.

Here at Absolute Printing Ltd. we have been embroidering clothing for almost 10 years so there’s not a lot we don’t know about making an embroidered logo look good on a garment.

The quality and final outcome of an embroidered garment is dictated by many factors started by setting up the logo or text. This is why  ensure each and every embroidered logo is set up correctly before we even consider producing a swatch sample of the logo for approval. This process is often referred to as punching the design or logo and involves looking at the logo design, the type and weight of fabric it is going onto, and the optimum size of the logo to ensure that what is produced is the best possible outcome in terms of how the logo looks and how closely it matches the artwork and colours our customers have provided.

An important factor in producing the best possible embroidery is the artwork, the better the artwork, the better the embroidery will come out. High resolution artwork will make a difference to the finished product. We can produce top quality artwork at extra cost, which can be used on other, more "design fussy" items.

Customer service is vital in the embroidered clothing industry. Each and every customer is unique and has unique embroidery requirements. There is no one size fits all in the embroidered clothing world. This is why customer service and communication at each stage of the process are vital if you are to achieve the final goal of a satisfied customer who has received their embroidered clothing order to their exact requirements. We ensure each and every customer receives all the information they need to make informed decisions about their embroidered clothing order, including advice on size, position and logo complexity.

Our clothing’s business model is based firmly on building a customer base of satisfied customers that will return to us again and again for their embroidered and printed clothing, wether it be a one off individal garment or uniform requirements. This is demonstrated by the fact that many of our account customers have been coming to us year after year. Testament to the quality of  product and level of service we provide.



Perfect for low quantity t-shirts runs, sample t-shirts, bespoke custom t-shirts, football jerseys, promotional clothing,  one off promo t-shirts, stag and hen party t-shirts, birthday presents, fathers, mothers & valentines day gifts etc.

Football shirts can be printed with SportsCNP

High Quality Printing Replication
1 colour to full colour designs
Quick Turnaround
No machine set up charges

(Artwork charges MAY apply)